As a general rule, the bread and butter issues for most chambers of commerce (including Conroe/Lake Conroe) are economic development, transportation, education…and increasingly, health care. Yes, there are a myriad of other issues that criss-cross through our organizations, but generally speaking, these three represent a significant amount of time, interest and attention.

Economic Development
Conroe is fortunate to have the Conroe Economic Development Council and C.I.D.C. working on attracting and keeping businesses in our area. Keeping economic development programs that help our communities recruit, retain and help expand business is good for our economy and it creates a more diverse tax base.

Even as Montgomery County ranks as the 7th fastest growing county in the US, we’re feeling the ongoing effects of a northern population movement. Access to and from are key issues that are on the minds of business leaders everyday…not just during the Legislative Session. Without business’ voice, roads may not get built that are needed to provide additional economic development. We believe that local transportation programs are critical to the continuing growth of the Conroe/Lake Conroe area.

As Conroe I.S.D. and Willis I.S.D. continue to see significant increases in student population, we are also looking at future workforce trends. Allowing our school districts to craft curriculum that addresses our business’ needs for quality employees is crucial to our growth and success. The Career and Technical Education programs at both school districts have already made an impact in the lives of their students, and we’d like to see more of that in the years ahead. Having partners like Lone Star College and Sam Houston State University provides added value for our population to advance their education and make them more valuable in the workplace. The addition of St. Thomas University signals another chapter in higher education options for the Conroe/Lake Conroe area.

Health Care
If you are a small, medium or large company, you already know that your bottom line is affected by health care costs. As health care providers continue to adapt to changes in the marketplace, deal with government programs and at the same time, provide higher levels of care, they need access to significant numbers of doctors, nurses and paraprofessionals. It is critical for them to hire this talent now to service future needs.

The Conroe/Lake Conroe Chamber of Commerce is striving to become the premier business organization in our area. Strong leadership, fiscal responsibility and responsive programming…three great reasons to be a part of the Conroe/Lake Conroe Chamber of Commerce.

By: Brian Bondy, President, Conroe/Lake Conroe Chamber of Commerce