I get asked…our staff gets asked…our board members get asked…what does the chamber do for my business? The answer may surprise you…Everything AND Nothing!

Like ANY membership organization (and a majority of life decisions), what you put into it will have a direct correlation to what you get out of it. If you join a chamber expecting business to walk in your front door without you lifting a finger, you’re probably going to be disappointed. It’s like opening your business without any advertising or promotion and expecting customers to come walking in…it rarely happens that way. A chamber of commerce is a tool in your marketing tool belt…an aid to increase your visibility; a place to meet other business people to learn from and mentor; an opportunity to increase your base of knowledge and stay in touch with the issues of the day. A chamber of commerce advocates on behalf of its members; serves the needs and interests of business and seeks to make our communities better places to live, work, play and raise families.

Chamber membership isn’t an expense…it’s an investment in your business. Just like phone and internet service, electricity and inventory, your membership in the Chamber is a vital part of your marketing, your customer base, your learning opportunities and your business’ success. While many see their memberships as just another bill to pay, remember that your membership affords your 24/7, 365 visibility around the world anytime that “Conroe, Texas” is searched. In fact, not that long ago, I was contacted by a person in England who wanted more information about the Conroe area…as a direct result of our website. Today, we are moving at an even faster pace with continuous social media posts and updates…which elevates our name (and in turn, your name) in the eyes of potential customers. It allows you to pull from all corners for employees as well.

Your Chamber is a membership-based organization. We don’t rely on subsidies from any governmental entity. Memberships comprise about 40-45% of our annual budget with special events and programming combining for the balance. Simply put, we don’t exist without your membership, volunteerism and program support.

Thank you in advance for continuing your membership in the Chamber.

By: Brian Bondy, President, Conroe/Lake Conroe Chamber