Member Resource Blog

As part of our core values, the Conroe Chamber sets forth that we are here to promote, advocate for, educate and encourage the small and local business owners of Conroe and the Lake Conroe area. In our efforts to continually add more value for our members, our Member Resources Blog has been created to provide tips and tricks any business owner may have never thought of but can put into practice with some well-laid plans and minimal effort.  After all, we are all stretched on time!  Peruse these articles and drop us a line if you have a topic you would like discussed!

Why Network?

Ever since I was a small child I have seen the benefits of networking. My father worked in mass market retailing and he used his well-honed networking skills to engage with clients, suppliers and prospects to build his business. Some of my earliest memories of my...

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Social Media Strategy For Business

Social media can be a nice distraction and a considerable time suck. But if you’re doing it for your business, you need it to be much more. So how do you make sure that you’re using your time there efficiently? This article offers you the steps you need to create a...

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Ace Pinterest For Your Business

There are many reasons to be on Pinterest. There are over 250 million people on every month. But more importantly it reaches 83% of women ages 25-54. That’s a pretty hefty number and if you market to women it’s something to take note of and act on. And it’s not all...

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Business Backs The Bonds

A major opportunity will take place in Conroe on November 5th, 2019. On this date many of you will have the chance to vote on two propositions totaling $677 million to prepare Conroe ISD for growth in student population, significantly improve campus security, complete...

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