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As part of our core values, the Conroe Chamber sets forth that we are here to promote, advocate for, educate and encourage the small and local business owners of Conroe and the Lake Conroe area. In our efforts to continually add more value for our members, our Member Resources Blog has been created to provide tips and tricks any business owner may have never thought of but can put into practice with some well-laid plans and minimal effort.  After all, we are all stretched on time!  Peruse these articles and drop us a line if you have a topic you would like discussed!

30 Days of Social Media Content

If you have struggled with what to share with your social networks, here is a 30 Days of Social Media Content Calendar to make your posts ATTRACT extra attention, likes, follows and ultimately new customers (which is what we ALL want, right?). Social media doesn't...

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Get Business From Instagram

About a billion people (serious stat, not hyperbole) use Instagram every month. 500 million people use the platform's stories feature every day. This year, Instagram is expected to reach 112 million users in the US alone and it's the fastest growing social media...

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10 Best iPhone Productivity Apps

A lot of us depend on our iPhones to stay productive and stay in touch with our teams. If you're like me, as the new year begins, you've probably decided it's time to get your business and your personal life organized so that you can be more productive this year. One...

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12 Step Business Launch Guide

It’s 2020, and you are really doing it. You have long imagined your product on the endcap at Walmart and practiced what you’ll say when Mark Cuban grills you about your competitive edge. But this year, you are finally launching a business. Where do you start? We asked some of the top business minds what you should do in the first 90 days, a crucial time in your business’s life. Get these early steps right and you’ll create a sound foundation for a profitable, growing business.

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New Business Books To Read In 2020

If your New Year’s resolutions include “leadership–get better at it,” publishers in 2020 have some refreshingly non-theoretical offerings: one about word choice and one that’s a kind of lead-as-you-go field manual. Big names tackle big subjects (see Michael Porter on politics and Sylvia Ann Hewlett on #MeToo). And in a couple of juicy insider accounts, scrappy entrepreneurs take down enemies (Square beats Amazon) or are taken down by friends (Instagram’s founders exit Facebook, stage left).

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