Creating a Model Organization

During the next three years, the Conroe-Lake Conroe Chamber of Commerce will strive to become the membership organization of choice among businesses in our region. In order to achieve this status we will provide professional and efficient administration of the Chamber’s assets and resources, while improving, promoting and implementing sound business practices. We will work to develop programs and services that will meet the needs of our members while, simultaneously, striving to move our community forward.

Objective 1: Ensure that the 2015 – 2017 strategic plan is implemented and executed.
Action Steps:

  • Use the strategic plan as the driving force of the agenda at each meeting of the Board of Directors.
  • Regularly review the plan and progress at staff meetings prior to Board meetings.
  • Make amendments to the plan as directed by the Board.

Objective 2: Ensure that fiduciary oversight is maintained and evaluated on a monthly basis.
Action Steps:

  • Maintain strict management of the budget and prepare accurate financial reports in coordination with the Treasurer.
  • Monitor and evaluate member retention.
  • Fine tune the tiered investment schedule in order to promote membership growth and increase dues revenue.
  • Evaluate sponsorship and advertising plan and rates and make changes as warranted.
  • Review all non-dues income sources and create a plan to generate substantial additional revenue for the organization.

Objective 3: Develop appropriate policies, procedures, and documents that will allow the organization to attract the best talent to the board and other volunteer positions.

Action Steps:

  • Review the by-laws annually
  • Develop job descriptions for officers and board members
  • Establish performance standards for the board
  • Develop a one-page outline of expectations and responsibilities of board service
  • Develop job descriptions for committee chairs and committee members.
  • Aggressively recruit Chamber members and their employees to committees / task forces and explain the benefits of service.

Objective 4: Demonstrate value by becoming recognized as an accredited chamber of commerce through the United States Chamber of Commerce accrediting process.
Action Steps:

  • Review the accreditation process to ensure that we are qualified and prepared.
  • Establish necessary Task Forces that will review and comply with accreditation requirements.
  • Submit accreditation documents that will lead to certification with 5-Stars by 2017.

Objective 5:Budget for and provide professional development and education to each member of the staff.
Action Steps:

  • Review the skill sets required of each member of the staff and identify the available and appropriate opportunities for training and education to enhance those skills.
    • U. S. Chamber of Commerce
    • American Chamber of Commerce Executives (ACCE)
    • Institute for Organization Management
    • Texas Chamber of Commerce Executives Association (TCCE)
    • Lone Star College
    • Other appropriate organizations and venues