COVID-19 and Business

Because there are numerous concerns about the coronavirus and actions that businesses are taking to mitigate the impact of the virus on public health and the economy, Conroe/Lake Conroe Chamber of Commerce President Brian Bondy echoed the words shared by US Chamber of Commerce CEO Tom Donohue. During his recent press conference, Donohue said, “While concerns are certainly understandable, America’s response must be grounded in facts, not driven by fear. Now is the time to listen to experts, to stay informed, and to take reasonable measures to prepare. Now is not the time to panic.”

Bondy has this message for the Conroe/Lake Conroe area, “What we want to tell our members is the same advice we are following ourselves: be prudent and be prepared, but don’t overreact. We should all continue to monitor the situation but feel confident as we go about our daily lives, head to work, conduct meetings, or drop children off at school.”

US Chamber of Commerce CEO Donohue added, “Businesses, working together with government, should help instill confidence and calm. That’s just what we’re going to do here at the Chamber—and we encourage all our members to join us in that pursuit.” Bondy added, “And, here in the Conroe/Lake Conroe area, we’re going to do the same thing, if we receive an update from Montgomery County Emergency Management or the Montgomery County Hospital District, we’ll get it posted.”

For more on recommended strategies that businesses can do in their offices and with their employees, follow this link for updated information from the Center for Disease Control HERE.