A Refund? Before April?

First and foremost, thank you for being a member of the Conroe/Lake Conroe Chamber of Commerce. We appreciate that THIS is where you choose to circle the wagons and keep Conroe connected.

To show our appreciation we want to give you a refund. A REFUND? BEFORE APRIL? What does that mean? If you missed the email we sent, let us explani.

We call it “The 1% Impact”.

The first part of this “refund” is knowing whether or not you have already committed to or want to commit to an advertisement in our Guide To All Things Conroe/Lake Conroe. If you’re getting this email you are already listed in this printed publication as well as in our online member directory. We would like to think that your inclusion (and advertisement) in this publication would increase your qualified traffic online, into your phones or through your doors by 1% over the duration of the year. These publications are at every event, distributed to every member, and used as a business, demographic and history guide for many people who stop in to the Chamber everyday….not mentioning the traffic the directory gets online, 24-7-365.

Frankly, The Guide is but a small fraction of what services and benefits you experience with the Chamber. We coordinate access to elected officials with our governmental affairs focus. We provide continuing business development education for you and your employees’ growth. We are the coal that fuels the Conroe machine with regular relationship-building events.

So, let’s do the math: If you’re a business grossing $100,000 a year and you convert that traffic, that results in another $1,000 in your pocket. Are you a $1,000,000 grossing business? We’ll put you down for $10,000 to put back into your organization, save for your child’s college fund or fund that vacation you wanted to take! When you are investing $325 as a Business member, $625 as a Silver member or on up to $5,000 as a Platinum member, you are getting your investment in the Chamber back, PLUS SOME, every year your renew. VOILA! YOUR REFUND!

Quite simply, we target on issues that affect your cash registers.

We want you to better understand the value of your membership dues (potentially, much more than 1%).

We want to DO MORE with what you have so generously committed.

And this starts with making The Guide an even more dynamic, business-focused publication with your help. When you have a moment, check with your marketing department to see what you did last year and/or what you might have committed to for 2020. If you are a new member or need a refresher, check out the media kit here. I will be contacting you each over the next few months if I haven’t yet to answer any questions and reserve your spot in THE directory for businesses in Conroe and the Lake Conroe area.