Business Backs The Bonds

A major opportunity will take place in Conroe on November 5th, 2019. On this date many of you will have the chance to vote on two propositions totaling $677 million to prepare Conroe ISD for growth in student population, significantly improve campus security, complete several maintenance projects and continue to provide facilities and programs necessary to insure Conroe remains one of the top school districts in the state of Texas. Did you know Conroe ranked #11 in the state of Texas in 2017-18 for STAAR testing of 3rd through 8th grade?

If you own a home or a car, then in the overwhelming majority of cases you determined that your family or you needed this property now to enjoy and use. In order to facilitate this purchase now instead of waiting until you had saved enough money to pay cash you probably borrowed some money to make your purchase and made regular payments from your income stream. If this is you which it probably is then you already understand why a school district has to issue a bond in order to do things now. Conroe ISD is very fortunate that they have the income to support its own growth without raising taxes, and are asking the voters to approve this Bond to meet the needs of its 64,000 students with 1300 to 2000 new students being added each year. Did you know that Conroe ISD has the second lowest property tax rate of the nine surrounding districts? Only Richards ISD north of Conroe is lower.

“But wait, I don’t have children in Conroe ISD and I don’t plan to. Why should I vote in favor of a school bond?” The answer to this popular question is very simple, unless you believe that your investments in business and real estate should have declining property values then you should vote in favor. “But wait, I can’t believe spending $677 million won’t increase my property taxes.” Taxes will not increase. However, we could see property taxes increase if CISD facilities are not maintained, facilities are over-crowed, quality of education declines because our most important asset being the teachers of CISD leave for better pay in other districts and eventually home buyers and new businesses stop coming to Conroe. What happens then is the income goes down, maintenance expenses go up and CISD must increase taxes to provide enough income to cover annual costs. Did you know that a 2013 survey of over 1000 homebuyers showed that 91% considered the school boundaries important to their search?

More information is available at The development of the projects to be funded through this bond have gone through considerable review. Did you know that the recommendations for the Bond was reviewed by a committee of your peers whose only obligation was to insure the integrity of the need and projects being proposed? You can see the same information they did by visiting the Conroe ISD website shown above.