Why Ribbon Cuttings Are Important

In elementary school,. every last one of us was reminded time and time again to not run with scissors.  So who would have thought that scissors would be such an important part of our job here at the Chamber? Yes, we consider Ribbon Cuttings to be an important part of our job. While a handful of Chambers have done away with them because they are time consuming, have low attendance, are no longer relevant, we know that ribbon cuttings are excellent ways to welcome new members, celebrate milestones and tell the stories of our neighbors. This is the perfect opportunity for new members and new businesses to tell what they do, who they serve and why they do it. Now, technology and social media allows us to broadcast that information to thousands of potential customers, making ribbon cuttings more valuable than ever.

As a business owner or manager you may be thinking, do I really have time to leave work to go to another business? Is it worth sending representation of my business to attend? Should I really use my lunch break for this? When the REAL questions are – Am I personally trying to make lasting business relationships? Do I want people to refer my product or service? Do I want more customers? Do I want people to show up for ME? Then the answer is YES!

Make it personal with this example: Imagine you are having a party. You have made all the preparations, invited the guests, ordered the food, decorated and now you are waiting for the event to start…and then people start coming and you LOVE the people that show up for you; the people that come that you don’t expect, people come that you don’t even know. Guess what, now you want to know them, you want to show up for them and support them. It’s powerful and the companies, organizations and individuals that get this are utilizing this opportunity to build strong relationships that helps grow their business and in turn, their profits.

We all do business with people we know and trust as often as possible.  We all know that you get what you give (the universe is crazy like that). We all understand that the concept of shopping local keeps money in Conroe and the Lake Conroe area and that’s a good thing for everyone. The only way to establish and foster those relationships is to take the time that is valuable to all of us, and spend it (not just our dollars) with these business owners and neighbors.  Even if its fifteen minutes to shake their hand and welcome them to the Chamber at a ribbon cutting event – or to host your own ribbon cutting for your grand opening or a special anniversary!

Our community calendar right here at Conroe.org has all of our booked ribbon cuttings listed. Every ribbon cutting hosted by the Conroe Chamber is free to attend and open to the public. Most often, there will be an open house, food and drinks and even samples of the business’ product or service. (This is REALLY great if its a massage office or a winery.) If you have never been to one and get a wild hair to attend or host your own, do not hesitate to shoot us any questions you have!  The number one question we get?  “Are they real scissors?”  YES. They are very sharp, very big, real scissors.  But we promise to never run with them.

By: Ashleigh Alwood, inspired by this post.