The Voice of Business

The cost of running a business is high. Businesses are encumbered with regulations, paperwork, and other mandated requirements. To ensure that our members have every opportunity for success and are able to compete on a level playing field, the Conroe – Lake Conroe Chamber of Commerce must become the true voice of business with local, state, and national elected & appointed officials.
Objective 1: Serve as the clearinghouse for issues of importance to the business community and communicate with local governments, Texas legislature, and Congress.
Action Steps:

  • Survey the membership to determine critical issues.
  • Identify and represent key issues to make the business community attractive and competitive.
  • Host programs, forums, and events that will inform the business community of issues impacting business and economic vitality. Examples:
    • Transportation / Infrastructure Issues
    • Lake Conroe Issues
  • Host programs, forums, and events to inform city councils, commissioner’s court, and the general populace of issues impacting business and economic development.
  • Develop a Speaker’s Bureau consisting of well spoken, informed officers and staff of the Chamber to proactively seek opportunities to communicate those issues.
  • Utilize local and other appropriate media to educate the public on business issues.
  • Work with surrounding chambers on issues of common interest to the region.
  • Utilize and work with the Texas Association of Business (TAB) and Texas Chamber of Commerce Executives Association (TCCE) on certain key common issues.
  • Provide Legislative updates at appropriate chamber functions.
  • Send the “legislative update” made available through the Texas Association of Business to all members.
  • Educate members on how current issues affect business (bad or good).
  • Explore radio program and a column in local newspapers.
  • Report to the membership on our successes – develop a score card.

Objective 2:Grow and nurture appropriate relationships to build trust and allow the Chamber to effectively serve as the ‘Thought Leaders’and Voice of Business in Conroe and throughout Montgomery County and the region.
Action Steps:

  • Host regularly-scheduled information exchange meetings to include members of city councils / commissioner’s court, state, and federal elected representatives.
  • Have Public Policy Committee members periodically attend meetings of city councils and commissioner’s court.
  • Present chamber’s public policy agenda to members of city councils & commissioner’s court and work proactively for the approval of those positions.
  • Host meetings that allow elected officials the opportunity to update and educate chamber members on issues of importance.
  • Hot Topics Breakfast / Luncheons
  • State of Cities / State of Montgomery County
  • Sponsor “Conroe – Montgomery County Day in Austin”.
  • Develop other forums for presentations by, and dialogue with, our elected and appointed officials.
  • Stump Meetings
  • Speed networking events with members of delegation
  • Maintain a strong relationship with our Legislative Delegation so as to be able to effectively pursue the Chamber’s legislative agenda.
  • Establish a win-win relationship with the staff of the Texas Association of Business (TAB) so as to be more effective in moving our legislative agenda forward.
  • Establish excellent relationships with local and other appropriate media officials so as to “have the ear” of those capable of assisting us in telling our story.