About Us

Celebrating 85 Years In Business For Business Since 1934

old west steak house about usFirst organized as the Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce in 1934, the Conroe Lake Conroe Chamber of Commerce is celebrating 85 years of service to the Montgomery County area this year. The humble and innovative membership of three businesses over eight decades ago has grown to over 1,100 members dedicated to improving and growing the economic quality of life in Montgomery County.

The mission of the Conroe Lake Conroe Chamber of Commerce has been and always will be to strengthen the economic environment and quality of life in Montgomery County through teamwork, educational programming and innovation. The Chamber has actively promoted the Greater Conroe Lake Conroe area in business and industrial development and continues to provide our community with a well-balanced and wholesome quality of life. The Conroe Lake Conroe Chamber of Commerce is a nonprofit, community-based organization devoted to enhancing the economic growth of the Greater Conroe and Lake Conroe area.

Striving to truly involve the community in all decisions, the Chamber is governed by a member-elected Board of Directors that determine policies, set goals, and steers the path of the Chamber. The board also employs a president who hires a professional staff to handle the daily operations of the Chamber. The Chamber’s goals and yearly planned program of work are accomplished through the collective efforts of the board, staff, and hundreds of dedicated volunteers.

Continuing our dedication to Conroe and Lake Conroe as business and our community changes and thrives, your help is needed more than ever.  Our board and volunteers’ ideas, hard work and support make our Chamber what it is and will continue to take it tot he next level.  Without our wonderful network of community thought leaders and staff, the Conroe Lake Conroe Chamber of Commerce would not be celebrating 85 years.